Saturday, April 18, 2009

Blogs I Love Part 1 For beautiful papercraft ideas, check out Nichole Heady's blog. She and the other girls from Papertrey Ink make beautiful paper creations and include templates and instructions for a lot of them. The boys and I made these paper beads and they were super-cool!

I am no pastry chef...far from it, but some of the cakes that people not only make, but try to sell...WOW! Some of the cakes on this blog are works of art, while most are, well, wrecks. I think this is supposed to be an Easter bunny.
Have you ever had cakeballs? I had never heard of them until a friend introduced me to these little pieces of heaven on earth. What you do is make a cake according to the box (who makes homeade cakes anymore!?), wait until it cools, and then mush it all up in a big bowl. After the cake is destroyed, add a can of frosting and stir it all up. I used my hands and then I licked off the cake/icing mixture...AWESOME!!! (BY this time, my six year old son Daulton was so "disgusted" by my behavior that he had to leave the kitchen!) Chill the mixture and roll it into balls. Then dip the balls into melted white chocolate. Bakerella makes hers into beautiful cupcake pops. Mine were not pretty at all, but, boy, they sure taste awesome!

Friday, April 17, 2009

To blog or not to blog?

Well, here I am with a blog. Never in my life have a been much for journaling or diary keeping. I remember getting cute little diaries as a kid, starting to journal with great dedication, only to stuff the thing in a desk drawer after 2 or 3 days! I was thinking to myself "What do my favorite blogs have?" and I had a moment of clarity...PICTURES! It's all about the pictures.

So, what better way to share my favorite cool things than on a blog!

First thing's first. Etsy is awesome. If you've never been on, you must go there now. Check out my shop at