Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Salvation Bracelet Tutorial

This is my first year as Awana commander at my church so I had to try Salvation Bracelets with the kids. Boys and girls love crafts and they love beads, so the project was a big hit, but it also delivered a wonderful message: each bead color reminds us of a Biblical truth.

You need only a few supplies to get started: cording (we used waxed cotton cord) and 6 beads, one each in black, red, white, blue, green, and gold (we used pony beads). Each child will need about 6 inches of cord, long enough to make several knots and fit around their wrist.

Make one knot several inches into the cord; this knot will prevent your beads from sliding off. As you string the beads read the following Bible verses:

1. Black= sin, Romans 3:23

2. Red= Christ's blood, Romans 5: 8-9

3. White= repent and be cleansed, Psalm 51: 1-2

4. Blue= baptism, Ephesians 4:5

5. Green= growth in our faith, Colossians 1:10

6. Yellow or Gold= eternal life in Heaven, John 3:16

After the yellow bead, knot again to hold beads in place. Then knot to fit wrist. You can use a longer piece of cord and make the bracelet adjustable. Since we had alot of kids, we just chose to knot and secure them with a dab of superglue instead of making them adjustable.

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